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Cataloging Fridays: “Imaginary Friend” edition

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As a child, my sister had an imaginary friend named Um-Um. He lived under her bed and ate bugs to earn his keep. Sometimes he came on family vacations with us.  This week’s cataloging object is my sister’s childhood imaginary friend.

He wears his sunglasses at night.

041 0 eng
043 n-us-tx
044 txu
090 BD216|b.J6647
100 1 Jones, D.
245 0 0 Um-Um :|ban imaginary friend |h[intangible] /|cD. Jones.
246 2 3 Um-Um :|beating bugs under the bed to survive |h[intangible]
260 |c[1988?-1992?]
300 1 imaginary friend :|btransparent ;|c 20 cm.
380 Long-term performance art
500 Titles created by cataloger.
500 Dimensions approximated by space between floor and bed on average bed.
650 0 Imaginary companions.
650 0 Children |xbehaviors.
650 0 Pests |xcontrol.
650 0 Entomophagy.
650 0 Storytelling.
650 0 Performance art.
650 0 Hallucinations and illusions in children.

Things I learned while writing this entry:

  • Varmint hunting” is an actual authorized subject heading. Um-Um wasn’t so much “varmint hunting” as he was providing a pest-control service, thus my exclusion of the term in my cataloging entry. Believe me, if it had been applicable … I would have used it.


  • Also: “Varmint hunting” is apparently a thing. They have an association and everything.

*Disclaimer: This record, in all its hypothetical wonder, was not actually entered into any existing catalogs. Any mis-appropriations of MARC fields are not intended to offend any catalogers that have more experience than myself in cataloging imaginary friends.

**For more about Cataloging Fridays, click here.



Written by Jessica Jones

May 6, 2011 at 12:40 pm

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