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Cataloging Fridays: “Morning Coffee” edition

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This Friday, I am cataloging my morning cup of coffee. This is partly due to my recent visit to the store from whence the coffee came, as it was purchased this past weekend from my most favorite coffee supplier in the world (who happen to be from my home town): The House of Coffee Beans in Houston, Texas.

Relevant information for context: my morning cup of coffee consists of my new favorite mug, Guatemalan Antigua medium-roast coffee, and Morning Fresh Dairy milk.

041 0 eng
043 n-ncgt– |an-us-tx |an-us-co |an-us-nm |aa-cc—
044 gt |acou |atxu |anmu |ach
090 TX817.C6 |bJ6647
100 1 Jones, Jessica
245 0 0 Morning coffee |h[comestible] /|cJessica Jones
260 |cApril 29, 2011.
300 1 cup of coffee :|bcol. ;|c12 oz.
340 |3mug |aceramic |b13 cm |cglaze
340 |3coffee |acoffee grounds and water |b10 oz. |dmedium roast |dFrench pressed
340 |3milk |acow’s milk |b2oz |i1% milkfat
500 Title created by cataloger.
500 Text on mug reads “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas. -Davy Crockett.”
521 For those who believe that if Folgers is ever “the best part of waking up” … there’s no point in waking up.
600 1 0 Crockett, Davy, |d1786-1836.
650 0 Coffee |zGuatemala.
650 0 Coffee drinks.
650 0 Coffee roasting industry |zHouston.
650 0 Dairy farms |zColorado.
650 0 Hedonism.
650 0 Raisons d’aimer.
650 0 Texas |xHistory |xQuotations
710 2 House of Coffee Beans.
710 2 Houston Museum of Natural Science.
710 2 Morning Fresh Dairy.
856 4 2 |u
856 4 2 |u


Things I learned while preparing this entry:

  1. Neither “facetiousness,” nor any of its derivatives, are Library of Congress authorized subject headings. I believe this to be an oversight.
  2. If one searches for “delicious” in the Library of Congress Authorities, the user will be referred to Danny Basavich.

*Disclaimer: This record, in all its hypothetical wonder, was not actually entered into any existing catalogs. Any mis-appropriations of MARC fields are not intended to offend any catalogers that have more experience than myself in cataloging beverages.

**For more about Cataloging Fridays, click here.


Written by Jessica Jones

April 29, 2011 at 12:48 pm

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